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1st-Apr-2008 04:43 pm(no subject)
Wee life - in that sort of I'm-getting-on-this-roller-coaster-again-even-though-I'm-about-to-vomit kind of way.
You know that girl Jess I was bitching about it the drunken monologue below? I'm dating her now.
We're in love :D:D:D
(cue : awwwwwwwww)

Really, though. I miss her a lot.

I've been sick with some sort of flu thing all day, and I'm starving. I haven't eaten anything but half a burrito from the bookstore, which I promptly threw up. I want fooodddddddd.

Um, let's see. I feel pretty guilty because I don't know anything about the candidates for the election. Most of the people I hang out with are rooting for Obama, but I don't know anything about Hilary. All I know is, there are a lot of obnoxious feminists who are voting for her just because she's a woman, and that pisses me off.

I hate feminists that think women should have more rights than men. The whole idea is that both genders are equal, but now, women are actually getting more power than men because men are afraid of pissing off the feminists. Really, this whole ordeal is stupid. Women's rights are not an issue in the US anymore. Why don't we focus on a country where women are actually in pain or raped or sold instead of bitching about the '-ess' at the end of job titles?
5th-Feb-2008 05:07 pm - Drunken Monologue
My creative writing class just did a "creative non-fiction" class, which was alright. I don't like to write about myself that much (hence lack of posts), but I decided that while everyone was getting all personal and emotional about their lives, it was high time I confronted the shit I said to my best friend last summer. I was absolutely drunk out of my mind, and after a couple hours I managed to put together this monologue of things I said to her. It's angsty as fuck, but hey, it's what I said. Also why I don't get drunk anymore. Woot creative non-fiction.

Scoot over make some space for me on the couch well then make Jess move I need to sit down I’m gonna throw up if I don’t sit down look your girlfriend is feeling fine she can move her lazy ass so I don’t puke on you fuck you fine I’ll sit on the ottoman because your girlfriend is so precious and c’mon scoot over its only fucking one thirty you can’t seriously be ready to sleep already god remember that one time when we were really little we stayed up all night and I felt like shit but you got angry because I didn’t want to jump on your trampoline god you never let me sleep anymore I don’t think I want to have you over anymore if you’re going to keep waking me up so fucking early in the morning what am I talking about you don’t sleep you want me to get out of here so you can fuck Jess to your hearts content without me getting in the way I’m sorry I’m such a fucking third wheel but we haven’t hung out just you and me since you were single last and that was how long ago maybe a year or more and since then I’m just a big fat obligation and I’m always the burden I bet right now you wish I would just fucking go away already so you can fuck in peace because that’s the only thing that’s important to you now isn’t it sex fucking girls her you make me sick you care about sex more than you care about anything else even me am I still your best friend I used to think I was but now what’s the point because all you want is her and women and sex and fucking and I can’t give you that so what’s the point don’t you want to care about something else don’t you love me can’t you think about anything else when you see someone other than can I have sex with them and do you still even want to talk to me anymore I’m gonna lay on the floor I’m not looking you can do whatever you want I don’t care do you even want to be around me anymore because I won’t fuck you do you do you
17th-Dec-2007 12:43 am(no subject)
So I get home and everyone is in bummer mode. Both my mother and father have broken up with their significant others. My best friend doesn't love her girlfriend anymore. My other friend "may or may not be in love" with a boy who rejected her. One went to juvenile hall. My ex girlfriend is in an abusive relationship. What the hell? Where's the holiday cheer? (<< that's a joke. Promise)


I'm at my dad's house. And it's cold outside. But...NEVER FEAR. He has these strange floors that heat up beneath you, and it BLOWS MY MIND. I'm just about as toasty as a chicken nugget in here.

I want to ask for a legal name change for Christmas, but I feel guilty about it. 1. I've only wanted this new name for about 4 months.
2. I feel bad asking my mother for it, who named me in the first place while I was small and bloody in the early minutes of my life.


Shit. Maybe I'm not actually angsty. Maybe it's the fact that I'm blogging. All the emo-juice is leaking out of livejournal and infecting my soul (<<<also a joke. heh heh. GOD IM FUNNY. IM FUCKING FUNNY. LAUGH DAMNIT LAUGH. LAUGH OR I CASTRATE JESUS!!!!)
 So imagine your in some sort of getting- to- know- you- but-i- actually- want- to- kill- myself- to- get- out- of- this- room kind of situation, and all of a sudden the most socially awkward and bleach blonde guy(?) stands up and waves to the group of half-awake comrades. "Hello! My name is Jordan. I like to write stuff."
and everyone feels really sorry for that guy cuz no one will remember his name tomorrow, or what the fuck he's doing there.


I will be sixteen years old in about a week. I go to a boarding school in California for creative writing. I'm an aspiring playwright and astronaut. Astroplaywright if you will. My favorite color is purple, my favorite animal is the tarantula or the tapir, my favorite number is 27, and my favorite food is pumpkin pie. 

Yerp. I really  suck at talking about myself. 

Things I don't like:
Audible stupidity. This occurs when you go to an arts school, quite often.
Being out of clean socks.

Things I like a lot!:
Running to the point of exhaustion
Clean socks
Stapling stuff together
Office supplies

Things I'm afraid of:
Rejection (but really, who isn't?)
Being a girl
Going underwater
Film majors

Does that cover everything?

Oh yes. And I also really don't believe in hating people. You really can't hate anyone until you know them VERY VERY well. Otherwise your judging. And judging just isn't snazzy.

I'm sort of liberal, I guess. I'm a big advocate for LGBT rights, especially the safety of LGBT youth. Even more so though, I'm big on Children's rights, because I believe that the government still doesn't consider minors to be real people. 
I think abortion should be legal. However, I think the deadline for when you can get an abortion should be pushed back to first trimester only. I have my own issues with abortion, but I'm not about to impose my opinion on women who need this operation done.
hrm. what else. 
O yes, and I think the most worthless thing in politics is an activist who makes a lot of noise and not a lot of action. Complaining never helped anyone. 

Haha. The irony of that last sentence.

So basically I'm a walking contradiction with the impeccable ability to ramble. Don't worry, I'll post something that's worth reading later, but I gelt a little obliged to put some kind of profile-type post here.
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